Steve Cyphers

has been a teaching performer with Young Audiences of Maryland for over seven years. His energy and love of music is contagious. Children learn about percussion instruments and the basics of music theory, but kids just think it’s fun. Steve receives rave reviews from teachers and students with his Adventures in Rhythm Assembly, Residency and summer programs.

Contact Steve to bring his programs to your school

His standard residency touches on a wide range of subjects: STEM, literacy, history, geography and social studies. Steve can tailor his lessons to incorporate any curriculum priorities you have. 

Steve works well with young and older children. He has a particular talent for connecting with kids with special needs.


You can also contact Young Audiences, directly to book Steve Cyphers: 410-837-7577 or

Adventures in Rhythm – RESIDENCY (pre-K – 8th grade)

The Adventures in Rhythm Residency delves deeper into the origins and evolution of percussion. It provides an opportunity for students to discover old and new instruments from many different cultures. The bongos, congas, timbales, djembe, dumbek, vibraslap, claves, woodblocks and drum-set are some of the instruments used in his program. While exploring the different ways they produce sound, Steve teaches and reinforces the elements of music in fun and creative ways. Students form a “Bucket Band” and use mallets to play rhythms and perform songs alone and as a group. This residency is a great introduction to what it is like to learn an instrument and to be a productive and creative member of a band. Students learn valuable lessons in teamwork, respect, self-control and the rewards of practice. A culminating performance gives students a chance to demonstrate the skills they have learned.

Adventures in Rhythm – ASSEMBLY (pre-K – 8th grade)

The Adventures in Rhythm Assembly is an interactive performance by the Steve Cyphers Trio. Steve plays the drum-set, bongos, congas, timbales, cowbells and more, accompanied by a bass player and guitarist. This assembly explores the evolution of percussion from the earliest instruments like the African log drum to the modern drum set and many in between. Students sing, chant, clap, stomp and even play with the band on stage.

Students learn about the origins and evolution of these instruments and the different ways they vibrate to make sound. Steve teaches the basic elements of music along the way. This includes instruction on pitch, tone, tempo and duration. The band introduces many different rhythms and styles of music, performing songs from African chants to James Brown, Santana, Stevie Wonder and more. Students (and staff) enjoy a concert-like experience while learning and having fun!